Saturday, 8 June 2013

Spiritual Simplicity

A Miraculous Medal graces the side of my vintage tea-pot

Adding a small giver-of-grace which is unobtrusive can be quite easy. I put a miraculous medal onto a vintage tea pot that I'm very fond of. The medal is gold, which colour-coordinates with the dark mustard coloured tea pot and the yellow orchid. So, instead of languishing in a cupboard or a box, the medal is pride of place on the ornament that acts as a nice background and highlights the medal. Not a good luck charm, the Miraculous Medal was designed according to Our Lady's instructions, and she promised St Catherine Labouré that 'great graces' would be given to those, 'who wear the medal with confidence'. Perhaps that not only applies to wearing the Miraculous Medal on a chain around the neck, but also to displaying the medal on an ornament 'with confidence'.
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