Urgent life or death prayer request…

 A fellow journalist dropped in to visit me last night – in a very anguished state – and told me that a good friend of hers has just found out that she’s pregnant.
The pregnant mother is in her twenties, and as always is planning to go to Mass today. On Monday she wants to arrange an abortion. This does sound as though she is very flippant about Catholic teaching, but she is in a blind panic and wants to ‘forget’ about the pregnancy as soon as possible. Scores of Catholic girls have abortions in the UK each day, and let's pray she won't be one of them - tomorrow.
I will be speaking with the pregnant mother, perhaps tonight and would be very grateful for prayers for this endeavour.
We are asking people to pray for this young mother, and with lots of abundant grace, hopefully, I will post that she is keeping the baby and then that the baby has been born.


  1. prayers promised

  2. Prayers and the rosary offered up.

  3. Will pray for her at Mass tonight

  4. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your many prayers. The situation is much the same as it was on Sunday; at this time of writing she has not had a 'termination of pregnancy' but is still panicked and the situation may go either way...

    You surely have many prayer intentions of your own, but would you be so kind as to keep this lady in your prayers? I am very hopeful.

    A cause of celebration; when I moved to London some years ago, I became good friends with a girl who thinks abortion 'isn't as bad as all that', but we used to have lots of discussions on the matter. My friend used to repeat our conversations to another friend - until some time later this girl - the friend of my friend - found her self pregnant. To cut a long story short, the friend of my friend has recently had the most gorgeous baby.


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