A life saved...by the words of someone who speaks like they are one chromosome from a squawking bird…

I’m dumbfounded and goosebumps are multiplying on my shivering skin.
Minutes ago,  a nun got in touch with me to tell me that she was contacted by a young girl. The girl asked the nun to tell me that she had decided against an abortion and had recently had her baby. She even asked the nun to pass on some words of thanks to yours truly.
But I never even knew that the girl had been pregnant and was contemplating an abortion.  
But I met her last year. Picture it - one cold wintry evening when I was with friends, and they introduced me to their friends. This was just a random group of some good friends and new acquaintances. My friends (some of whom believe that abortions should be done for exceptions/if the mother is too young/if the mother wants to put her career first) asked me some questions about pro-life matters, and specifically why I am pro-life.  
I don’t remember my exact sentiments and honestly thought that my meagre words were without effect.
Little did I know that among the group were a very young Catholic girl and her boyfriend who were planning to abort their unborn baby.
I didn’t keep in touch with the girl, either through friends or via social networking, as she was a passing acquaintance.  Or so I thought.
This week, the girl contacted the nun because she knew that the nun knew me and trusted the nun to pass on the info that she has had the baby and has no regrets.  She was certain that whatever I said had convinced her not to have an abortion. This is quite incredible not only because I speak nervously as though I’m one chromosome from a squawking bird – but it shows that we might never ‘know’ the influence of one tiny conversation.
But until such time as women have glass wombs – we’ll never know ‘who’ we might be speaking to – mother and baby.

PS – I’ve been officially on strike from blogging (‘real’ work; deadlines and research for journalism interfere) but I think this post had to take priority.


  1. Beautiful, Deo gratias

  2. It's the power of the Faith, Mary. Who knows what could be achieved if we all spoke out on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, sex education and so on.
    Thanks for this inspirational post.

  3. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments.
    God bless you all,



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