The Cancelled PEeP talk – the Cork connection

Daphne McLeod described Cardinal Burke’s abrupt pulling-out of the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice conference as ‘a blow’. Cardinal Burke had planned to give a talk on the restoration of Church discipline and evangelisation. But indefatigable as ever, Daphne found a replacement speaker - Canadian Fr Kramer. But the venue, the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster has cancelled the conference on the grounds that ‘they’ don’t want to be associated with such speakers as Fr Kramer and Robert Sungenis. It’s another guilt-by-association theme with the authorities at Westminster Central Hall snobbishly fearing “their reputations would suffer if the conference were allowed to go ahead.” Fr Kramer is branded a conspiracy theorist while Mr Sungenis is called an anti-Semite because he has criticised Zionism. – but I don’t know the details of this well enough to comment.
I do, however, have personal experience of Fr Kramer who lives in my hometown of Cork. He’s a brave soul and did prevent a pro-euthanasia talk in a hospital by calling the about-to-speak professor ‘Nazi Eugenicist! Nazi Eugenicist!’ This is no urban legend – I witnessed the whole thing. The scheduled talk was called; ‘Why Euthanasia should be legalised’ and was to be held in Cork University Hospital (‘CUH’). The CUH and the Irish ‘HSE’/Health Service Executive (a loose equivalent of the NHS) confused their role of caring for the sick by bringing in Professor Len Doyal who was supposed to speak in favour of euthanasia. 

It happened on Holy Thursday 2009. I walked into CUH, and took a seat in the lecture hall. I had scribbled a few notes of ‘argument’ to say to Professor Len Doyal. The lecture hall was rather full of pro-lifers who were opposed to the talk going ahead. But as Len Doyal walked into the hall, and as he went to the podium to advocate that euthanasia be legalised to save money and free-up beds, Fr Kramer stepped out and called him ‘a Nazi eugenicist’. 
I remember seeing the shocked look of culpability on Len Doyal’s face, as he beheld Fr Kramer dressed in a soutane and Fr Kramer repeating ‘Nazi eugenicist!’ Fr Kramer looked Professor Doyal straight in the eye – and Doyal found no words to dissociate himself with the Nazis. The CUH organisers stood back speechless – they were silenced by the comparison to the Nazi regime. Fr Kramer said ‘Nazi eugenicist’ again, and Len Doyal wanted to get out of the hall, I could see the look of embarrassment and dread on Doyal’s face. Fr Kramer was the only Catholic priest who spoke out against Doyal, and at the time Fr Kramer was very unwell. The Irish news reported that the meeting had been broken up by ‘protesters…with Rosary beads’ - but didn't include that Fr Paul had stopped the speaker in his tracks by calling him 'a Nazi'. Interesting that the Nazi link had been left out, perhaps Fr Kramer’s correlation between the professor's extreme ideas on euthanasia and the practices of the Nazi eugenicists was too pertinent. It hit a nerve, so they say. But were I pro-eugenicist, I would still say that if Doyal wants to promote euthanasia, he had better get used to being associated with Nazis, there aren’t that many differences existing between his ideology and theirs on this subject.
But back to Fr Kramer – he’s of mainly German ethnicity. And raises heckles for what he says is ‘the cover-up’ of the Fatima secrets – again I’m not qualified to comment on The Third Secret – but Fr Kramer is also a staunch advocate of Marian devotion and that the requests of Our Lady such as The Daily Rosary and The First Saturdays be kept continuously. Many would rather pass him off as a ‘conspiracy theorist’, but Fr Kramer’s perseveres in teaching that Our Lady, on six separate occasions, requested that Catholics say The Daily Rosary. And now Fr Kramer has been shut-out by Westminster Cathedral. But really – shouldn’t Fr Kramer have been the one that didn’t want to be associated with this hall? As Mulier Fortis pointed out, this is the same Cathedral that hosted the book launch for The Gospel According to Judas. And let’s not forget the meeting of the Parkinson’s Disease Society – which campaigns for the human embryo destruction and human-animal hybrids. No, maybe Fr Kramer’s reputation has been the one salvaged…


  1. "maybe Fr Kramer’s reputation has been the one salvaged… "

    Sounds like you're right there!

    Nevertheless, somewhere, some time very soon all the heresy that's going on up and down the country has got to be addressed publicly before the Catholic Church is completely hijacked by the heretics within.

    Michael Voris happy to give a public talk in the UK?

    Only today I was thinking as I sat there on the Feast of The Holy Trinity how the Catholic Church has been hijacked in what appears to be a bloodless coup. The "great generation" spokesman silencing the "special minister" from giving his homily on today's gospel, by recording a story of a South American woman who now has "all the power herself" thanks to the "great generation" lead by Cafod. The choir taking over from the “great generation tax collectors” before we can say the Credo. All this on the Feast of The Holy Trinity.

    In case you're wondering what a special minister is - evidently it's the new name for people who give out communion, be they priest or otherwise.

    It appears to be bloodless, but I'm sure I was bleeding internally today - not just for myself, but for the faithful priest who has dedicated his life to ministering the Sacraments and spreading the message of the Gospel, and who is up against it from all sides, for the children who will hear this message nowhere else, for the revert or former café Catholic like myself (not a mind to say any Anglo-Catholic) who has seen the light and wants to come back to the true church only to find it's been taken over by nice, concerned, all-embracing heretics!


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