Meet Van Rompuy-stiltskin

Since the Kremlin inspired election of Herman Van Rompuy to the EU presidency, we’ve seen a media magic act to transform a cagey, conniver into a grandfatherly and devout figure. He’s been described as a naive Catholic, who was bustled into the job of president by head honchos Sarkozy and Merkel. But faith without good works is dead. And do Van Rompuy’s works match that of a faithful Catholic? Van Rompuy was a member of the government that signed a diabolic abortion bill in Belgium in 1990. Van Rompuy is coy about his pro-abortion position saying he support ‘the lesser of two evils’. Van Rompuy’s government passed a bill to denounce Pope Benedict’s stance that abstinence, not condoms is the best health practice for Africa as ‘unacceptable’. Rompuy believes condoms ‘save lives every day’. So Van Rompuy thinks condoms (that fail at least one in ten times) are a grand panacea and that he has a right to tell the pope what to do? Oh, he’s more Rompuy-stiltskin than Roman Catholic.

Van Rompuy is not a Catholic thinker; our social teaching extols the importance of local people having responsibility for what happens locally, and of members of a nation deciding what happens nationally. Van Rompuy, however, is all for ‘global governance’ meaning someone like him can claim an enormous salary of 320,000 euro, ahem, we the taxpayers pay Van Rompuy’s salary, but have we ever been given the chance to vote him into office? May Van Rompuy make decision that affects your local area? Absolutely. Van Rompuy is organising more ‘green taxes’; you will pay more tax for your illusory carbon footprint. He’s also got another treat; the ‘euro tax’, you’ll be paying more to buy other currencies. And when you buy fuel or stock up on milk and bread, the ‘euro tax’ will be on your receipt; more creamed off for Brussels with every purchase. You pay this Rompuy-stiltskin’s secretaries and for his chauffeured car, but when did give him the job?


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