Irish newspaper uses statements by British pro-abortion activists to undermine its readersip

Above: baby born at 22 weeks


As a Corkonian journalist living in London, I felt ashamed reading your report (7/12/09) championing the views of rabidly pro-abortion campaigners such as Ann Furedi and Patricia Lohr. Frankly, I don’t see the British papers going to pains to interview Irish pro-abortion activists. Furedi is a fan of late abortions, having written in 2008 ‘women’s need for abortion should be met irrespective of foetal viability’. In effect, Ms. Furedi would like the legalised killing of a baby who has been in the womb for 24 – 40 weeks, while a baby next door in the ward may be born prematurely at 22 weeks. It’s all fine and dandy for Dr. Lohr to complain that there is not services for women who are post-abortion in Ireland. Dr. Lohr should practice what she preaches. Here in London, I have at least twenty friends who have gone back on the day that their child would have been born to the door of a BPAS abortion clinic. They also go back when the child would have started school. In September BPAS abortion clinics had a lot of such mothers standing outside their door. This was the place that these mothers put their child to rest. ‘Post abortion services’ does not include a cure for a grief stricken mother.

Undermining your readership by quoting British pro-abortion activists does not mitigate the need for the Irish people to decide on the issue of abortion by national referendum. Also, the three ladies taking the case to the Strasbourg Court are in defiance of our domestic legal situation, where Irish citizens have the right to vote on abortion.

Yours, Mary O'Regan

Below is the link to the Examiner article.


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