Beauty begets beauty... an expression I crafted nearly a year ago when I was writing my piece on Our Lady of Siluva for The Mass of Ages.  Since the article was published I have heard 'beauty begets beauty' repeated back to me by my readers and friends. 

Whether or not it will catch on as a catchphrase in the wider cosmos I don't know, but among a few earnest souls I hear it used passionately as a byword for a wider, global movement part of the restoration of Mother Church whereby 'beauty begets beauty' means actively discriminating against the unsightly in favour of beautiful Sacred Liturgy, facilitated in beautiful architecture, with beautiful sacred music and art so as first and foremost to honour Our Lord, in a progression where that which is truly beautiful is then matched or bettered by something else truly beautiful, and this process is repeated again and again.  

I believe we are coming out of the post Vatican II era where ugliness unified ugliness.