I have turned my blog black as a mark of respect for Our Lord's Sorrowful Passion

 Today is Good Friday and the holiest of holy days, and in honour of Our Lord's Passion I have changed my blog's background image from the bright lights of London to a sombre black. 

I have been reading and re-reading a lot of St Francis de Sales of late, because I will be editing a book which draws on his wisdom. 

From St Francis de Sales's The Invitation of Calvary I have been meditating on these lines; 

"He mounted the cross through obedience and died on it through obedience. All those who are willing to be saved through the cross will find salvation there. But those who desire to be saved without it will perish miserably" 

"Listen to this dear Saviour, who cries out that he is thirsting for our salvation who awaits and invites us to it."

"Why do some ask for a redemption other than that of the cross? Is the cross not sufficient? It is more than sufficient."

"He did not redeem us with just a single sigh, just a single tear, but with many, many labours and pains, with all His precious Blood outpoured" 



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