Check out John Carmichael's discussion with Cy Kellett for a Catholic Answers podcast

Yesterday in California, Drunks and Monks author John Carmichael went to Catholic Answers headquarters for a chat with Cy Kellett. Here is the finished result: a fascinating, inspired interview with superb audio quality.



  1. This book arrived on Monday and I'm almost finished 24 hours later. It is a barn burner and such a blessing to all of us who grew up with the trauma of alcoholism and mental illness. So grateful to John and to you for putting it out there. It just could be the clincher of my Roman conversion.

    1. Hello Jim, Thank you so much for stopping by and letting us know you've stormed through your first reading of Drunks & Monks! May I just enquire; when you say 'Roman conversion', do you mean you are thinking of taking the plunge and swimming the Tiber, becoming a Roman Catholic? This is amazing - I can't wait to hear more! Mary

    2. Glad tidings from Virginia Mary. In both the interview and the book, John helped me understand the necessity of confession. We still do confession and absolution in the confessional Lutheran world, but it is corporate. When my father died in January, our pastor recommended a private confession and absolution, as I was racked with panic attacks, anger, guilt and the realization that I was becoming my father. It was the best thing I've ever done, but it remains a rarity amongst Lutherans. I need confession sacramentally, regularly, thus am prayerfully seeking God's wisdom going forward.

    3. Thank you, Jim, I am so sorry to hear of your loss and personal struggles. I hear your soul's desire for sacramental Confession and very much hope you will become Catholic. God bless you and yours


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