Such truth in parody: let's re-name Amnesty, Shamnesty

Liam Neeson lent his voice to the Amnesty International video calling for the repeal of the Eight Amendment of the Irish Constitution.   A most patronising piece, it puts forth that Irish women are in 'chains' because the Eight Amendment introduced a constitutional ban on abortion, and that people who are against the mutilation of the unborn are locked in the past.  

Manipulative in that it attempts to evoke the stigma that many Irish people feel when they think of 'poor Catholic Ireland'. I find it very offensive that they think Irish people will be so easily manipulated, apparently the only way Ireland can prove it has gotten over its past, is if abortion is legalised.

The most infuriatingly derisive statement is, 'it is the shadow of the country we'd hoped we'd left behind.'  Working on the assumption that we or all of us share their driving ambition to allow the legalised destruction of babies, evades acknowledging that there are Irish pro-life people who do not want Ireland's pro-life laws scrapped at the behest of pro-abortion lobbyists. 

Ripe for parody, a You-Tube site has been launched with the intention of poking fun at Liam Neeson's patronising pro-abortion posturing.  The Amnesty 
propaganda has Liam Neeson spouting, 'it is the shadow of the country we'd hoped we'd left behind,' the satire responds, 'here my use of the collective pronoun 'we' applies the opinion that this amendment is outdated is shared by everyone'.  

Share the video as widely as you can, and let's re-name Amnesty, Shamnesty. 


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