Underwear Parade

When I was a child, and leafing through the British Sunday papers, I used to see reference made to 'the underclass' in the headlines, and I thought this meant men and women who wore only their underwear in public! It struck me as an impossible fashion choice because Ireland is notoriously wet and windy, so anyone who would go out so exposed to the elements would surely have a pneumonia wish. 

The Round Pond, Kensington Gardens
Now that I'm enjoying a warm summer in London and walking through Green Park and St James' Park as often as possible, I have written a type of diary-entry for the Herald that seeks to draw attention to the ever worsening fashion trend of men not wearing belts, letting their trousers/shorts fall down around their hip bones and showing off underpants. Or just wearing underpants as they sun-bathe by the Round Pond in Princess Gardens. 

I'd like to add that reasonable standards of modesty for both men and women (neither extreme of puritanical drowning in clothes or skimpy clothes) is not just about sexual purity for adults, but it is being mindful of parents who bring their children to the park on a sunny day. 

Do pop over to the Herald for the full piece


  1. And what about trousers worn below the hip bone, belt and all -- and there is no underwear!!!!!!!! Over here, NYCity we see it often. I was not really surprised to read all the defending opinions in The Herald, for one reason or another. Trouble is, it's a whole generation or two or more that's been taken over not only by the lowered trousers and all that led up to it (starting from the flower children) and trying to 'evangelize' something better, is preaching to deaf ears. Reminds me of the Pods in the 1956 movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Once the alien pods took over the body and minds of people, there was no getting through to them. Pray the pendulum comes swinging back to sanity. Jeanette.


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