I contributed a few lines to Bob Moynihan's new biography of Pope Francis

Robert Moynihan, editor of Inside the Vatican has just published a biography of Pope Francis entitled, Pray For Me. When he was writing the book, Robert Moynihan got in touch with The Catholic Herald to request if he could site some lines from the mini-bio that I wrote, the week that Pope Francis became Pope.

The two pieces from the mini-bio that were put into the official biography were: “They had a modest existence, being so thrifty that new clothes were seen as dangerously lavish, not once going on holidays and never owning a car,” writes Mary O’Regan, author of a thoughtful account of the pope’s early life, which appeared in the Catholic Herald on March 22. “They were not poor, but were unassuming upper-working-class Italians who considered themselves very fortunate to have secure housing in Flores, an ordinary suburb of Buenos Aires. Many of Mario Bergoglio’s fellow workers on the railroads would have lived in shantytowns.”

"Father Bergoglio’s six years as a leader in the Jesuit community were hard on his nerves, and in 1980 he returned to the seminary in San Miguel as rector. Going from provincial superior to rector was seen as a self-imposed demotion, but he remained in this post until 1986 . He put his culinary talent to use cooking for the students. On hearing the compliment that he was a good chef, he replied: “Well, nobody has died yet from my cooking.”


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