Shoes for Sunday best...

If you go to Mass on weekdays, and not just Sunday, it can be easier to abandon the practice of wearing our 'Sunday best'. If you wear your 'good shoes' to Mass every day, then they soon stop being smart, and are more likely to be scuffed and scruffy. My habit on the weekdays, is to finish my never-ending list of e-mails, meet my deadlines, make appointments for future interviews, and scuttle out the door, at such a fast pace that wearing heels would be a threat to my safety. Wearing heels has been unimaginable in the last number of weeks, the temperature in London has fluctuated from high to low, basically snow would fall, would melt and the temperature would drop again, freezing the wet streets, resulting in lane-ways that were mini ice-rinks.

But yesterday was Sunday, the ground was no longer slippy and snow-encrusted, and so I wore my best shoes. I got these last year for meetings, but I got to thinking that if I keep them for special occasions, then that has to include Sunday Mass. After all, it makes no sense to keep them only for meetings with important people, and not wear them for Mass.


  1. What a good idea, Mary! I am going to give it a whirl. I hardly every wear my 'best' shoes and its a good prompt to smarten yourself up for Mass!


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