"You do know you're a horse, like?"

Ever wondered how people from Cork (the People's Republic of Cork, like) speak? Wonder no more.  In this cartoon, as the Cork horse gets more anxious about jumping over the puddle, he uses filthier language, so if you would rather not hear this, stop at 0:54.  For other examples of a Cork person who speaks with an authentic accent, look no further than Roy Keane.


  1. Brilliant Mary. I have often wondered how my ancestors spoke.

  2. Are oo frm Cark as well, Rishtawrd?

  3. Heehee! I was a little worried when the children gathered behind my shoulder here as I was listening to this little cartoon from Cork, Mary -- that they'd get in on the bad language part... But, um.. We couldn't understand a word. (Be funny to do the same cartoon of some of our hometown Colorado horses with a Western American accent...)

  4. thanks for posting.


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