Why even wear a mantilla? "Wearing a mantilla is a lot like being a bride..."

Male readers - there is something in the middle of the video that is for all readers - not just women!

My one problem with wearing a long, beach-towel sized scarf as a mantilla is that in wider society they are associated with being hejabs. When I have worn shawls in place of a lace mantilla people have mistook me for a Muslim woman who is visiting a church or 'experiencing' the Mass. I'll stick with my dusty silver lace mantilla.  One person did describe me as someone who was trying too hard at an audition for the role of a mafia widow. But more lace, more grace?


  1. Well. St.Paul did say something about heads covered!
    Many thanks, Mary, for your posts on Congress in Catholic Herald blog. Good to read eye-witness accounts.


  2. It wasn't really until Jackie O that Mantillas were much worn in the US -- hats were more the thing.

  3. Hi there, Apologies for the delay in moderating comments, but I've been busy writing about the Congress. So glad to hear Fr Eamonn that you liked my posts on The Catholic Herald.

    God bless always,



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