So according to Michael Voris, Dublin is the-whole-of-Ireland in microcosm? This doesn't sit well with this Cork woman!

“The decline of the Church is perhaps felt nowhere more acutely than in Ireland”: wasn’t that small fact that Ireland has the highest Mass attendance of the whole of Europe considered?
But is it right to take the most liberal part of Ireland, Dublin (which means ‘black pool’ in English) as being entirely representative of the whole of Ireland? Can interviewing a few dozen on Dublin’s most cosmopolitan street be used to fuel pronouncements about the whole of Éire? Dublin is categorically the most ‘liberal’ part of Ireland (those voting records almost all-in-favour of divorce, and easier access to abortion show this, not to mention the pro-EU voting records). Michael Voris was in Dublin, but had he gone to but one of the provincial towns in Donegal, he may have recorded the exactly the opposite reactions. But then Ireland is regional, and exceedingly diverse for such a tiny island of only four and a half million.

Had Michael gone to Cork on a Sunday morning and got the reactions from the young, (oh, that queen of adjectives ‘young’) people spilling out of the Tridentine Latin Masses then there would have been a different video. In Cork, there is a high proportion, per rate of population, attending the Tridentine Latin Mass. But then Ireland is regional, and exceedingly diverse for such a tiny island of only four and a half million.
Interviewing individuals on a street setting has that instantaneous, this-is-what-the-people-are-saying feel. But many of the interviewees mentioned the Catholic influence of their grandparents. This should not pass without note.
During my preparations for a Valentine’s Day spread in The Times Online, I spent weeks interviewing a girl ‘Cindy’, who had not practiced the faith for years, and who had been in many different and colourful, cohabitating and otherwise relationships. Cindy had chosen chastity, after a long struggle to be free of the ‘baggage’ of sexual relationships. When she was deciding not ‘to sleep around’, very strong voices that kept coming back to her were from her Irish grandparents who had told her to be aware of men who would ‘hoodwink’ her with ‘the heebie-jeebies’ but who had ‘wicked intentions’. But, perhaps, I digress. This is a mere example of the tenacious example of Catholic Irish grandparents. Cindy has returned to Sunday Mass, and the sacraments as a whole, and quotes her Irish grandparents as being ‘the only people who really cared for me’. Is she an isolated example?
The Vortex has disabled comments for this video, partly because of the racist content of the comments. Racist or anti-Irish, I ask? Or were the comments from people who feel that those interviewed in the above video do not represent Ireland as a whole?


  1. Blessed as I am to bear the blood of Ireland in my veins, I was not offended by Michael Voris' comment you quoted. In a frame of mind of a positive thinker, I thought this: Ireland, a bastion of Catholicism, feels the loss of the adherents, more keenly, due to the former glory in the "hey-day" of the Faith. I don't think his comment means that all of Ireland is as guilty as Dublin. I am disappointed to know that Ireland has been tampered with by moderism and relativism! I still would love to see Donegal.

  2. I hope you get to see Donegal, Maureen.

  3. Mary,

    Just so you know, we would NEVER disable comments just because they disagree with us. Unless, of course, those disagreements went beyond "substance" and into "vile."

    Without question, your "knowledge" of Ireland and the state of the Church there as a whole, MUST be superior to anyone just dropping in from "across the pond." But Michael was invited to Dublin, so his "man on the street" interviews can't help but reflect that "bias."

    I'm happy to hear that there are genuine signs of hope elsewhere. It does seem that the Faith is being both preserved and promoted in smaller community settings, both in Ireland and elsewhere. That this is happening so often in TLM settings is not surprising, and actually a cause for joy.

    God bless you.

    Terry Carroll
    Executive Producer

  4. Dear Terry Carroll,

    Thank you very much for your comprehensive reply.

    I had been getting a lot of e-mails asking me if the situation as presented in the video was the same case for Ireland as a whole. You can see in the post, that I'm answering some diverse questions. Faithful Catholics all over the globe are, like Michael, very concerned about Ireland.

    I admire Michael's courage in doing this street interview. It is of great historical importance, it shows a cross section of Dubliners talking about the faith at a time in Ireland's history when indifference to the faith is threatening/corroding traditional piety. Imagine if the video had been compared with interviews from Dubliners in the 1950s!

    I commend the policy of turning off comments when they become 'vile'. Nastiness and vituperative cyber-bullying are not helpful to the debate at all.

    I look forward to the new RealCatholicTV videos. You show such ardour for the faith.

    God bless you, yours, RealCatholicTV's apostolate,


  5. Mary,
    I think there are signs of hope and signs of decay. Ireland as a whole is really in decline, and the rate is increasing day by day. If the rural areas are so vibrant, then where are all the vocations from there? I went to a Mass in Barna (a wedding), in the Gaeltacht, and it was utter Novus Ordo non-sense. In fact, it is much easier to find a traditional Latin Mass in wider-Dublin then in any of the rural areas. You have to drive a good four hours in some instances. So I think that it goes both ways. My conversations with Irish folks is that the lines are becoming more clearly drawn, just like in other countries. They are starting to realize that the Vatican II program has destroyed their faith, and are trying to regain it, while the world is coming with the poisoned cup asking them to drink. Many are drinking. We will pray for our Irish brethren. Ádh mór ort!

  6. I have just come across this blog as I have watched this "" clip on you tube and various links have brought me here !
    I get a distinctly anti Dublin tone from some of the comments above ,which to be fair is unhelpful and unecessary.
    You have to rememeber that Dublins population is by far the greatest of any county in the Republic of Ireland(we dont use "EIRE") so the views of those people on the street have to be taken and NOT dismissed,as just "liberal Dublin".
    I take grave exception to Mr Carrolls comments where he said that "just so you know, we would NEVER disable comments just because they disagree with us"....
    I made a number of comments on both the Dublin clip and on others.Not only were my comments not allowed but I was subsquently banned from trying to make any futher comments..
    On the Dublin clip a comment was made by the presenter saying that the "streets of dublin are covered with stickers promoting sodomy"..I asked Realcatholictv to let me know where exactly and on what streets are these stickers promoting sodomy...Because as someone who was born and raised in the city of Dublin and who walks the streets daily ,i have NEVER seen any stickers or posters or flyers "promoting sodomy",,i therefore feel the comments made by the presenter should be withdrawn.
    In another comment he stated that priests who abused children were "homosexual priests"...this comment is extremely wrong and incorrect.A paedophile (which these priests are )is someone who is sexually attracted to CHILDREN whereas a homosexual is someone who is sexaully attracted to someone of the same sex...there is a HUGE difference and it is an outrage and grossly insulting to victims (children)of sexual abuse by these priests to try and make out these priests are homosexual .Again realcatholictv did not respond and I was banned ..
    It's a bit ironic for realcatholictv to open their clips with the comments.."welcome to the vortex where "LIES and FALSEHOODS are trapped and exposed",,,Perhaps they should listen to what they preach

  7. I am from Dublin and i have to agree with the last comment about promoting sodomy. I have not seen it either. Gay marches here are no different than say, USA. Are they promoting Sodomy because they march for whatever they want??? Also for a supposedly upfront tv station, i am not surprised that your comments were ignored. Seems to me RealCatholictv is as real as it is allowed to be or told to be,ie, that it was homosexual priests within the Church who abused children. Many of the Children were young girls!!!!!. Again ignorance of investigation. Evil within the Church.
    As for the lack of interest in Christ and his Church. I believe the Vatican 11 has to be responsible for the loss of Gods people to his love and worship. Since the changes people have somehow come to the conclusion that God is all Love, ever forgiving (even if we do not seek forgiveness), there is no Hell (except on Earth)etc. I myself have been part of that belief and i have to say i have been awakened of late and i am making strides to being baptised back into my faith. As for the Tridentine Mass, I believe that it is the true Mass as how it is supposed to be celebrated and i will seek out where i can go to be apart of that celebration. I remember when i did go to the "New Mass" as laid down by Vatican 11, i thought it strange that the priest would turn his back on Christ, "Tabernacle", but then who was it said at the time of Vatican 11, "Satan has entered The Church". I believe he is there and working to slowly destroy Christ's Church and his people. The World has changed and not for the better and if you take the time to read the Revelations as handed to St John the desciple of Christ,by Christ when he was imprisoned on an island for preaching the Gospel as told to him by our Lord when he was on Earth, then you will see that so much of what Christ foretold is happening. We just have to open our hearts, minds and eyes and we will see.


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