True Love Waits

Could this be the new spirit of my age? Could it? Are we able to start a revolution? I have been doing a lot of research and interviews with people who want to save sex for marriage, and some people who were sexually active but have decided to ‘turn over a new leaf’ for personal, practical and faith-based reasons to save sex for marriage. Some very brave souls have come forward and want to say why (and how!) they are saving sex for marriage, and that they would like to share this message with as many people as possible.
My favourite fashion designer, Anthony Corner (who has won awards for his work) has now designed a host of t-shirts that inspire us with nobler ideals for our love lives. 'Greatest Valentine' and 'Wound in Love' are but some of this collection, to see the full array, follow this link.

For some people who feel very strongly that the safe-sex/’safer-sex’ philosophy neglects to mention that there is no condom for the heart, and that there’s no vaccine to prevent a broken heart, they might want to check out this 'Insurance Wanted' t-shirt.
 If anyone reading this blog would like to come forward and be interviewed, please leave a comment with the best way to contact you and I’ll get in touch. God’s blessings on all who visit this blog.


  1. Hello! I am one who had 'turned over a new leaf' and would tell my story if you like. (Rosa Carmel at live dot com ) Send me a message and we'll talk.


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