Blog Names from The Twelve Days of Christmas

The one thing that stopped me setting up a blog years ago was that I couldn’t think up a title. And a lot of erudite Catholics say, ‘you know I would love to set up a blog, but can’t think up a title!’How about blog names inspired by the lyrics of the The Twelve Days of Christmas? One obvious criticism is that the song is intrinsically associated with a set period of the year, the twelve days of Christmas, and generally forgotten by society at large for the rest of the year. If however, we as Catholics recite The Joyful Mysteries a number of times every week, then meditating on the greatness of Christmas is a weekly if not daily occurrence for us, and the joy of Christmastide stays with us all the year through. Also, there is something (I think) endearingly memorable about the song lyrics.
‘Two turtle doves’ refers to the Old and New Testaments, and so a theology blogger may use this. ‘Three French hens’ is the code for Faith, Hope and Charity. ‘Four calling birds’ represents the Four Gospels and/or the Four Evangelists, and an apologetics blog which defends the faith using Catholic scripture may make use of ‘Four Calling Birds’ as the blog title. ‘Five Gold Rings’ refers to the first Five Books of the Old Testament.
  Possibly a blog name for a Jewish convert, or a cradle Catholic blogging about the OT? ‘Six geese-a-laying refers to the six days of creation, and may be used as name for someone who blogs on creation and intelligent design. ‘Seven swans-a-swimming’ is the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit or the seven sacraments; perhaps a good blog name for a catechetical blog, and one written for teachers that discusses how best to teach the sacraments. The ‘ten lords-a-leaping’ means the Ten Commandments, and could be a blog title for someone discussing how they personally keep the Ten Commandments. ‘Twelve drummers drumming’ means the twelve points of doctrine in the Apostle’s Creed, and may be a blog based on the bequeathing our Catholic doctrine to this generation.

PS – Another song with lyrics that lend themselves to blog titles is Green Grow The Rushes, Ho (or O)


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