April 28th - Day One of the Novena

I propose Wednesday, April 28th, as the start day for the novena. Starting today leaves us little time to get the word out, and tomorrow April 27th is the National Day of Prayer and Fasting for Life, organised by The Good Counsel Network. This national day of prayer and fasting is done in a spirit of reparation; April 27th 2010 marks the 43rd anniversary of the legalisation of abortion. The leaflet from The Good Counsel Network includes a scripture quote from Jonah 3:5:10, 'and the people of Ninevah believed in God; they proclaimed a fast and put on sackcloth, from the greatest to the least....God saw their efforts to renounce their evil ways. And God relented about the disaster which He had threatened to bring on them, and He did not bring it.'

Perhaps before starting the novena on Wednesday, we could invite others to recite it with us. I'll be going along to my local churches to give copies of the novena to the priests there.


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