In the late 1990s, the consummate Vatican insider, Father Malachi Martin went on Art Bell's radio show and entered a guessing game with the listeners. They told him the hearsay they had heard about the Third Secret of Fatima and Martin replied as to whether they were correct or wrong.  This was Martin's way of circumventing the oath he took not to reveal the Secret, which he read when he was a young wonder-boy in the Vatican during the early 1960s. Three decades later, he said he could answer the listeners' questions truthfully because he could not tell a lie - and indeed he agreed "plague" could well be the lot of those living in the time of the Third Secret. I read "plague" for Covid. 

On Art Bell's show, Martin gave fragmentary answers as to the contents of the Third Secret which was confided to the three shepherd children, Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco in 1917 and was meant to be read and published by the Pope of 1960, which turned out to be Pope John XXIII. 

Most shockingly, one listener told Martin, that they had heard from a priest who had claimed to have read the Third Secret that, "The last Pope would be under the control of Satan...when Pope John XXIII read this he fainted, thinking it was him", to which Martin replied, "Yes, it sounds as if they were reading the text of the Third Secret". 

Whew. So, while I wanted more on this, I searched the Art Bell interviews for a true picture of the Third Secret, yet I concluded that Martin was far more reticent on air than he was in print. I discovered that some years prior Martin had already made as full a disclosure of the Third Secret as he ever would to the reading public in his 1990 book, The Keys of This Blood. 

Personally, I believe Father Malachi Martin was telling the truth when he said he had read the text because he was a favorite among the bishops and cardinals and he was being groomed to be their successor. I believe he held in his hands the text of the Third Secret a little while after Pope John read it prematurely and before he ought in 1959. In the pages of The Keys of This Blood, Martin didn't hold back when he wrote, "Lucia's single-page written formulation of the Third Secret covers three main topics. A physical chastisement of the nations, involving catastrophes, man-made or natural, on land, on water and in the atmosphere of the globe. A spiritual chastisement, far more frightening and distressing - especially for Roman Catholics - than physical hardship, since it would consist of the disappearance of religious belief, a period of widespread unfaith in many countries."

In tandem with the man-made or natural catastrophes and the punishment-of-spirit visited particularly upon Catholics, Martin said that both these were intrinsic to the third topic, the pivotal role of Russia, "In fact, the physical and spiritual chastisements, according to Lucia's letter are to be gridded on a fateful timetable in which Russia is the ratchet." Then Martin, in this best-selling book, did not sweeten the Secret, "The chastisements were meant to punish the nations for their ungodliness and abandonment of God's laws." But he allowed for the hope that still existed in 1960, "The whole dire process could be averted - need not happen - if two requests of Mary were granted. One: that whoever would be Pope in 1960 should publish the text of the Third Secret for the whole world to read and know. Two: that then the Pope, with all his bishops acting collegially, should consecrate Russia to Mary."

Repeatedly, Martin stressed that, "Russia according to the text of the Third Secret, was the regulator or the timetable. If these two basic requests were satisfied, then the two chastisements - physical and spiritual - would not be inflicted on mankind. Russia would be converted to religious belief and a period of great peace and prosperity would ensue." Neither of these conditions were met during the time of John XXIII, and Martin lamented that the collegial consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was not done in October 1962 when 2,500 bishops assembled at the Vatican to open the Second Vatican Council.

Martin drew on an answer that Polish Pope John Paul II gave as to why the Popes who came before him did not deign to publish the Secret or obey the request concerning Russia, "My predecessors in the Petrine Office [John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I] diplomatically preferred to postpone publication so as not to encourage the world power of Communism to make certain moves."

The section on the Third Secret of Fatima is the heart of The Keys of This Blood, and yet absolutely no listing is made of it in the Index. I have quoted from page 630 onwards, however, none of these pages are referenced in the Index as pertaining to the Third Secret. It is almost as though Malachi Martin was breaching the limits of his oath in giving a precise analysis of the Third Secret while at the same time, he made it harder for those who would like to pin disobedience on him, because a lot of reading must be done in a 734 page book to find proof that Martin had revealed the Secret when it is not mentioned once in the Index. 

Clearly, you and I cannot have it both ways, we cannot hold up the text issued by the Vatican and Malachi Martin's version of the Third Secret as both being true.  Even if you think Malachi Martin was sorely in error or a manipulative liar (as his worst enemies maintain), it bears studying his detailed account because it may have immediate bearing on our lives. Critics of Martin often say that the Kerryman was "full of old Blarney" and that he liked to pretend he knew more than he did, but were it truly the case, Martin would have paraded and protested the Secret as opposed to making it the hidden and secret grand finale of his best non-fiction work. 

* * *

This post was informed by Malachi Martin's opus The Keys of This Blood. 


  1. According to Sister Lucia, the Virgin Mary's words were that the envelope(s) were to be "opened" (aberto), not "published," in 1960 by the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon or by the Bishop of Leiria.

    Martin was incorrect.

  2. a woman friend a critical care nurse who died in '14 was Malachi's best friend in NYC up until his death. She was a frequent guest in apartment he shared with Kikia Livanos near the UN and was also an invited guest at Dr. Rama Coomaraswamy in CT many times. unfortunately I was not made aware of this relationship until after his death in '99. Surprisingly an atheist prominent physician I dated for years came to tell me he knew him as well from times he spent in a bar near the UN Malachi was a regular in. He was not aware of his background and I laughed my head off when this came up asking him if he knew he was a friend to the former Vatican exorcist. My female friend spoke to me at length about Malachi and his activities alarming me to the point of deciding to make contact with robert blair kaiser who was Time magazine's reporter at Vatican 2 who I spoke with for many hours. My take away was that both these men were questionable. Kaiser was motivated by a deep hostility of his belief Malachi was responsible for ending his marriage and stories of Malachi's actions including conducting High Requiem masses for friends' pets in full vestments were disturbing to me. She told me he and Rama talked frequently about claims regarding the Vatican and such goings on as satanic black masses with ritual sacrifices etc. I had some of his books given to me by an uncle in the 70s and reading them I felt absent identification of actors they should be read with discernment. Frustrated with my friend I finally suggested she tell me whether he or rama had made such identifications with request she not disclose any names to me so as to allow her to feel she had not betrayed confidences. She said neither of them were willing to do so. Malachi died from what appears to have been an acute subdural hematoma sustained by hitting his head on kitchen cabinet in middle of the night going for a glass of water. These injuries can seem quite minor and insignificant but person dies generally and dramatically within a short period of time. This is the assumed cause of death of Aquinas and the actress Natasha richardson. I also know a doctor in NYC who died from one 3 years ago banging his head on a car door lightly dying two days later autopsy confirmed. Malachi's inner circle all claimed it was a demonic attack. I felt this was preposterous as the devil would have neutralized him much earlier. I have to conclude he is not reliable and had mislead many. I feel the devil might have appreciated the role he clearly played in alienating many from the Catholic Church He certainly damaged my father with his wild unsubstantiated claims. He remained in the church and did not need this after the affects of Vatican II on his deep seated faith.

    1. Thanks for the info. Read "Glimpses of the Devil" by M. Scott Peck, MD. He knew Malachi. Martin trained him in exorcism.

  3. A believer would struggle with The Book of Revelation let alone Keys of this blood. Faith if challenged should pass any test. I have read and listened with discernment and his timing of the world wide system was dead accurate. The burden of knowing the secret must have driven him to write. RIP Father Malachi Martin! Ora Pro Nobis!

  4. Canon Galamba, an advisor to the Bishop of Leiria, is quoted as saying, "When the bishop refused to open the letter, Lucy made him promise that it would definitely be opened and read to the world either at her death or in 1960, whichever came first."

    Alonso, Father Joaquin (1976). La Verdad sobre el Secreto de Fatima. Spain. pp. 46–47.

    Frere Michel de la Sainte Trinite The Whole Truth About Fatima Vol.III, Prt.I, Ch.IX

  5. An intriguing post on a intriguing subject, regarding a writer soaked in intrigue. All the nasty that swirls around Fr. Malachi...come on, read "The Tale of Tati". Can a guy write a book like that about his little dog and still be such a bad guy? What a charming little volume that. I like to imagine Tati curled at his feet while he was gabbing with Art. Anyway, interesting idea about, " Keys..." And by the way, drink your orange juice before all the vitamins go out of it.


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