From the time she was in her mid-twenties, the great German mystic, Gertrude was given spectacular visions while she was tucked inside her Benedictine convent. It was not, however, til later in her life, after her own conversion and when she was cleansed of her own sin that she was awarded an epic look into Heaven and saw where certain souls go. 

First, she saw God the Father as the King of Glory who is the Father of a great family of Saints, and every soul has a place according to their merits.  Gertrude beheld that men and women who had been married when they were alive and who had practiced holiness in their marriages are among the Patriarchs in Heaven. The married who become Saints are in the company of Adam, Seth, Noah, Jared and Mathusala, Lamech and Noah, as well as other Patriarchs. 

There are more select categories which include souls who were married in this life. In Heaven, of those who merit to know the Divine Secrets, they are with the Prophets. Souls, who while they walked this earth, worked very hard to educate and edify others, are with the holy Apostles. 

Personally, I find this hugely encouraging because the vast majority of our canonized Saints have been priests and nuns and I have doubted as to whether married people get high places in Heaven. According to Gertrude, the souls of those who were married on earth and who make it to Heaven are in the company of Noah, as well as the Prophets and Apostles which would include St John the Evangelist. 

It bears emphasizing that Gertrude had to reach her highest state of holiness before she glimpsed the places in Heaven given men and women who had lived holy marriages. Previously, she had seen her heavenly garment spoiled by dirt that represented her sins, but in this vision, her Spouse, Jesus Christ, took her before all the heavenly court and with every Saint watching, He adorned her with a flawless golden cape that signified her soul's perfection. 

This post was informed by Tan Book's The Life and Revelations of St Gertrude the Great which you may purchase at The Spirit Daily store.  The classic painting of a man and wife was executed by Ferdinand Bol in 1654.  

Please check out the Litany to St Gertrude, where you may pray to the only female Saint hailed as "the Great" and you may enjoy her amazing intercession. 


  1. Most saints are from religious orders because the beatification process is so costly, and they are in a better position to promote and raise funds for their causes. Regular married people often don't have these benefits. Those we do hear of are usually from well - connected families. Hopefully we will be suprised at how many poor and unknown there are saints in heaven .... if we get there!

    1. Very encouraging! Hoping and praying to be among the married saints myself! ;)

    2. Me, too! I've a lot of prayers to offer yet 🙏


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