...because I am under deadline to complete a piece of writing on Archbishop John Charles McQuaid. I would dearly appreciate prayer that I write a good article in the days left me. T'will be published during the coming winter. 

Archbishop McQuaid is considered the last of the all-powerful Irish prelates. He was born in the west corner of Ireland in 1895, when he was 18 he joined the Holy Ghost Fathers, the same order to which Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre once belonged. McQuaid rose to be Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of all Ireland. He stepped down in 1972. But his memory has been kept alive, mainly by writers who earn their progressive badge by denigrating McQuaid.  In the coming year, 2022, it will be 50 years since his retirement and I foresee that there will be a media frenzy in Ireland especially and even in England as a veritable loathe-fest will be in full swing. 

Thankfully, I had a very lovely Easter Sunday. I assisted at two Holy Masses. The first Mass was offered at break of day by a priest in his 80s who trained when Archbishop John Charles McQuaid was archbishop of Dublin. I wanted to see McQuaid's lasting influence in how the priest offered the Mass. A true obsessive, I was quite early for this Mass at dawn, and I'm sure I made the priest flinch when I stared at him during the sermon. I hope the priest will understand that I'm just a writer with a deadline, and the nearest thing to meeting McQuaid is studying those who knew him. 

* * *

Classic painting by August Müller Tagebucheintrag, executed in the 1800s. It is in the public domain. 


  1. Prayers for you Mary. I would love to read a post about this Primate.

    1. Dear Frank, You are so wonderfully kind. Thank you with all my heart. Still struggling a bit with it, but your prayers will make the difference. God bless and reward you


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