A joyful exorcist? Yes, I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms. Priests who become exorcists are often deathly serious, even grim. They are often just as taciturn because to speak of the realities of the demonic is too much for most ears so the exorcist keeps a brooding silence. 
Malachi Martin said that exorcists become, "very denuded of self": they give something away that they can't get back in this life.  

But Monsignor Josef Bisztyo was one such exorcist who had a gloriously rich personality, a rapier wit and joie de vivre which had not been scratched away by the clawing of the satanic. I invite you to listen to a lecture delivered by Monsignor Bisztyo. You may even consider sharing this talk with a wider audience, because they may benefit from this talk in ways they wouldn't from others. Monsignor Bisztyo's joviality, his high spirits gives him the air of a victor, it inspires the sense of a triumph over the demonic, that one can battle satan and his minions and keep your sense of humor as well as your personality intact. 

* * *

The classic painting of St Francis Borgia that accompanies this post was executed by Goya.


  1. Thank you for the link. Indeed it is a very helpful talk. And what an exorcist! Mut be a very holy priest. Joy is the gift of the Holy Spirit.

  2. You should check out Servant of God Fr. John A Hardon. He lived a very holy life in my opinion. He also I think knew this Fr. Martin. Fr. Hardon was very intellectual and holy man who actually wrote many catechisms and fought hard against the heresy of modernism. He also said something along the lines of" Though we don't die a martyr's death, we are expected to live a martyr's life.


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