...when he said the Holy Name of Jesus.

Giles was a Dominican priest of the 13th Century who was seen rise in the air when he offered the Name, "Jesus". When the Holy Name was on his lips he became joyfully ecstatic, and as though he had been filled with helium he hovered off the ground.

He had the gift of levitation. Yet, levitation may also be a sign that someone is possessed, that their body is occupied by a demon who lifts the body it possesses into the air. And while Giles became a holy priest, in his youth he made a pact with the devil. As a young man his ambition was to be a medical doctor, and he started his studies in his native Santarém, Portugal. He undertook to complete his medical training in Paris, and en route to the French capital, he was buttonholed by a charming fellow who offered to teach Giles the secrets of magic, in exchange for Giles selling his soul to the devil. Giles agreed and signed a contract with his blood.  He spent 7 years steeped in the study of satanism. When he did qualify as a doctor, he was aided by demons (and their angelic intelligence) to perform cures, for which he became a celebrated doctor, which had been his desire when he vowed to give his soul to satan.

One night when he was barricaded in his library, which was locked to the outside world, Giles was met with the apparition of a colossal knight who drew his sword and cautioned Giles that he had to abandon his worship to satan. The mighty knight may have been St Michael, who has the role of casting into Hell the evil spirits, and there were evil spirits working through Giles. The knight's dramatic intervention in his life did not move Giles to change, and for a second time the herculean knight appeared and actually threatened to kill Giles if he did not convert, which must be understood that he was going to kill the body that had become a house for demons and thus throw the same demons back into Hell, which would have allowed the Archangel Michael to fulfill his role of casting demons into Hell. This time Giles did repent. He burnt his books of sorcery and magic and elected to become a priest and live a life of penance.

For 7 years he had a trial of panic: he agonized that his pact with the devil was still in operation and that the devil would claim him at the end of his days. His panic was not without grounds because apparently the devil still had a claim on his soul, even after Giles had repented and taken Holy Orders. Eventually, however, the devil relinquished the hold he had on Giles, and the contract where Giles had signed away his soul in blood was placed under the altar of Our Lady in the monastery.

Giles became known for his profound holiness, so much so he levitated in ecstasy when he offered the Holy Name.


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