St Margaret Mary
 was a cloistered French nun and she spent the last 19 years of her life hidden from the world. She is most famous for the revelations Our Lord gave her on how to adore His Heart. But Our Lord also gave her extraordinary visions of the souls in eternal life. Margaret Mary was shown a priest who had a most painful Purgatory. On another occasion, Margaret Mary saw a nun have a tough Purgatory for having said very nasty things and who was known for having had an acid-tongue. 

Once Our Lord showed her the soul of a lady who had an easy Purgatory. When she was alive, the lady endured humiliation, but in response she had always been charitable in her speech and had never grumbled. Even when she was mortified most, she never made any complaints and held her tongue. Our Lord had been especially pleased by her quiet meekness which is the opposite of ranting and raging. Her mildness in speech was rewarded with a mild Purgatory. 

* * *

This post was informed by Languet's biography of St Margaret Mary. 


  1. Boy, am I in big trouble.

    1. Me too!☹️

    2. Same here! It has given me hope that the times I've been more meek in my speech have lessened the long, hard stay in Purgatory that most likely will be my sentence.

  2. May God forgive me. I have been complaining about the cross I've had to bear for the past year, and that I know is going to continue for years to come. Even though I keep the majority of my complaining hidden in my own mind, I would like to not complain at all! I, with the Grace of God, would like to offer this burden to our Lord, instead. Please, Lord, let it be so!


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