Padre Pio called a man who was cheating on his wife ‘a litterbug’

A man came to Padre Pio claiming to be in a “spiritual crisis.”
This man was known to be a good Catholic and was well-liked and respected by all. He had, however, overlooked his wife, and was having an affair with another woman. The man had felt lonely after ignoring his own wife, and was trying to feel loved by a mistress. He went to confession to Padre Pio, and justifying himself, he said that he was having a “spiritual crisis”. Padre Pio asserted himself and said, “What spiritual crisis? You are a litterbug! And God is angry with you. Go away!”
The man had not banked on meeting Padre Pio’s ire for wandering husbands! He had fooled his wife by having a liaison with another woman, but he wasn’t going to pull the wool over Padre Pio’s all-seeing eyes.
With St. Valentine’s Day drawing nearer, I will be doing more Padre Pio posts on how our favourite saint advised couples.


  1. Thank you for the posts on marriage! I pray they will deeply touch hearts and bring renewed love and commitment to those living the Holy Sacrament of Marriage!

    God bless you!

  2. Super! Clarity in the midst of today's confusion


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