All the world’s a stage, and Politicians merely Players

Did Obama ‘mislead’ the American public on his religious practices? This is a question being asked more and more in American political and social life, with the answers getting more and more simple, but hard-to-bear. It's especially glaring that Obama and his family did not attend one Christmas service during the entirety of Christmas 2009 and 2008. OK - so the White House had a Christmas tree. Mr. Obama insisted that this tree (was it carbon neutral I ask?) NOT have any religious ornaments; it did, however, have an ornament with a picture of Chinese dictator, Mao Zedong, a leader who oversaw the deaths of over 50,000,000 million (this figure staggers me) of his own people. I suppose that's appropriate when Mr. Obama refused to meet the Dali Lama to develop dialogue on human rights.

Let’s refresh ourselves with Obama’s pre-election interview on CNN when he said spoke of ‘the Christian community of which I am apart of’.

Before the election everyone knew that Obama attended Jeremy Wright’s church in Chicago. How many people would know off-hand what formal building Obama ‘prays’ in these days. Maybe Obama is doing a Reagan – Reagan always claimed that the reason he did not ‘go to church’ was because the security needed to protect him would disrupt the religious service.

Would that excuse of ‘the heavies’ flanking Obama in church be the excuse he needs to sleep in? No, firstly it stuck with Reagan who was an altogether more smiley, feel-good-factor politician than Obama. Secondly, Obama’s avowed Christianity (Prior To Election) was crucial to creating public worship of Obama as a modern messiah. A joke that’s lasted from 2007 till now is; ‘God turns to Barack Obama and asks, "Do you think you deserve to be in heaven?"
Obama smiled and replied, "I think you're in my seat."

While Obama is hailed as a political saviour, we might draw comparisons between his professed beliefs and in his actions. Oh, are there no comparisons to be made? Do his political works such as being in bed with Planned Parenthood, promulgating insidious euthanasia, quietly worsening the war in Iraq, taxing middle income people more and having the lowest popularity rating of any American president in the Holy Land NOT compare with his image as a Christian?
One could take my oh-so-cynical view that the greater religious American public are finding this out: Obama just pretended to be a Holy Joe to get their vote?
Obama did get the ‘Catholic vote’ (over 50% of us voted for him) but he didn’t quite get the Evangelical Christian vote (less than 30% fellow Christians voted for Barry Obama).

Those in American life who resolutely stated that they would never vote for Obama because of his Janus face and his duplicity on moral issues were castigated as ‘right wing extremists’. That was the choice term for any Obama-messiah deniers.
All is needed to see that Obama was donning the cloak of the holy man is a simple viewing of some very contradictory You-Tube videos. If you watched the videos blindfolded you would be forgiven for thinking that there were several people talking on these videos, when in fact there is just one puppet.

Compare if you will Obama’s attitude to the bible in this video with the CNN one above. Invite a ten year old of average IQ, to hear both the CNN video above and this one. The ten year old will hear the misleading malaise of dissembling. Some parents may judge this as inappropriate, but this simple exercise is perhaps better than whole days watching Fox News or any political TV channel.


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