The amazing Father Ambrose Criste of St. Michael's Abbey, California gave a wonderful interview on his exorcism ministry to Lila Rose, and truly it is deserving of a wider audience. 


  1. Ooooh, I saw this one, it is excellent! So many people are messing with the occult, witchcraft, New Age, etc that knowing more about what exorcists do is crucial. I've had several students and their families who moving into a house needed to have blessings and/or exorcisms done. Who knows who did what there (ditto for hotel rooms, cabins--always good to bring holy water where ever one goes).

    1. Dear Keith, Wonderful suggestion to bring holy water where ever one goes. St Teresa of Avila said to take heart in how much this blessed water makes the devils free. Best to you and yours, dear friend

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    1. Wise advice, especially for those of us who are not in ordained ministry, the best thing to do when we find ourselves in a situation or with someone who is demon infested is to flee. Wish I'd done that myself a bit more in the past x

    2. I was commenting on your prior post. You said holy water makes the demons “free” and I assumed you meant “flee”.


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