Dog of the Week

Here I am near Paddington with this charming Chihuahua. You can see a lot of Chihuahuas and 'toy breeds' in the vicinity of Paddington Train Station because they are dogs beloved by commuters who can easily travel with a Chihuahua on their lap in the busiest train carriage at rush-hour. 

I've often been tempted to get a Chihuahua, and become a walking cliché: walking in kitten heels, wearing a cocktail dress on my way to some party with a Chihuahua sticking its fluffy head out of my handbag. The joy of having a Chihuahua is that they are so light they can be carried for long periods of time. They say that a Chihuahua is 'a little dog with a big personality', and Chihuahuas can have very dominant personalities, evidenced by the way many owners need strong dog harnesses to restrain a dog with such a slight build. Chihuahuas can have very mild personalities. Their genetic inheritance dictates the kind of personality they will have, and someone looking for a Chihuahua with an even-temperament needs to ask a lot of questions of the breeder as to the personality traits of Ma and Pa Chihuahua. 

I will resist the urge to get one. My heart belongs to Greyhounds and whenever I go on a date, my friends have started asking me, 'is his place big enough for a Greyhound?!'  An important question indeed.  So far, my favourite Dog of the Week is the the Lady Greyhound, whose paws reached my collar-bone.  


  1. It would be handy if there were donkeys of this size as I could travel with them in a basket on Ryanair and visit my family in the UK; instead of using a horsebox, hundred of litres of petrol, a dozen admin steps for EEC equine paperwork, vet's transit stamp fees, cross-channel ferry livestock charges, etc.. If you see any lap-donkeys around Paddington, please let me know. This could be the perfect solution.

  2. LOL! Thank you for your hilarious comment. I will definitely let you know if I come across any lap-donkeys around Paddington.

    Although, I don't think lap-donkeys would have had the backbone for carrying Our Lady to Bethlehem...


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