Dog of the Week

'In some ways, my Tibetan Spaniels are more like cats than dogs. You can leave them at home and they are okay being alone for a few hours,' said the owner of the two furry blonde dogs. A little more independent than the average pooch, but very devoted to their master or mistress. They can be a little strange with strangers, evinced by the way that I'm petting one of them, but she keeps her gaze on her owner. 

They are small lap-dogs, but are very alert with beady eyes. They like to keep watch over their owner by going to high perches in the house, so they can keep an eye on everything. 

The breed does hail from the mountains of Tibet, but they are plentiful in London, walking in clusters, their tails like big plumes of fur. 

For years, I've been meaning to get a photo of the edges of Hyde Park during May. Finally, I got around to it...


  1. Mary

    Those dogs look lovely. My favourite hybrid is spaniel poodle mix. I saw one the other day oh what a wonderful creation. Our own English field spaniel is a small to medium sized dog that isn't the smartest dog around but has for my wife a nice demeanor.



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