Padre Pio's cured the son of a Vatican ambassador...

Fernando Sanchez is the ambassador of Costa Rica to the Vatican, but his story has nothing to do with his job. He says, his son is alive thanks to a miracle of Padre Pio. He talks about it in his book "Birth of a spiritual child: Our history with Padre Pio of Pietrelcina." It happened three years ago. His child was born with serious heart problems. The doctors said there was no hope for him, but then something happened that changed everything. Fernando Sánchez Costa Rica’s ambassador to the Vatican "They called me to say, ‘Look, Don Fernando, there is a priest with your son’. I imagined the worst and I ran for the neonatal ward in the intensive care unit and I found the father with a relic of Padre Pio praying over my son’s crib. I joined him and nothing else." After two hours the child’s heart was beating normally and the next day the doctors stopped all treatment and took him off medication. Since then, Fernando Sanchez and his wife have no doubt that Padre Pio interceded in the healing of their son. Fernando Sánchez Costa Rica’s ambassador to the Vatican "Since then we have felt his presence. I have no doubt that he is interceding for us." Three years after the dramatic event, Fernando Sánchez explains how his son’s relationship with Padre Pio has grown. Fernando Sánchez Costa Rica’s ambassador to the Vatican "The most beautiful part is seeing the reaction of my son when he sees a photo of Padre Pio, he calls him his friend."
PS – Here is a good version in Spanish of this account. Many people and close friends with the surname ‘Sánchez’ read this blog. It’s edifying to learn that Padre Pio interceded so much for this Sánchez family from Costa Rica.