Full in the panting heart of Rome - Fantastic Traditional Catholic Hymn


  1. I haven't heard this since my Mother used to sing it to me too many years ago.

    Wonderful - thank you and God bless!

  2. When Pope John Paul visited England I went to see him at Wembley. On the coach trip to the stadium, we were all singing this song together. I have not sung it since in common but I do sing it often in the shower (before the children tell me to be quiet!).

  3. WOW!
    Absolutely beautiful!

    God bless His Holiness.

  4. Just read your blog for the first time, having followed the link from Good Counsel Network. You say you try to attend the Tridentine Mass every day? I'd be interested to know where you can get the Tridentine Mass every day in London. The only place I can think of is St. Georges House, Wimbledon, or possibly St. Bedes?

  5. Hello Julia, I live in Zone One, a few times a week I go to the Brompton Oratory for the 8am Mass. Otherwise there is usually a choice of two private Masses - again in the Oratory. On Sunday, there is a 9am in the Oratory. Or there's an 11am at St. James Spanish Place.
    The Good Counsel Network sometimes have Tridentine Masses during the day where the faithful gather to pray for pregnant mothers.
    I hope the above is useful, In Christo, Mary


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